Tutorial: Painting Realistic Creates and Barrels

How to paint realistic-looking 3D printed crates and barrels (no, not the store!).

Difficulty: beginner.

Creates and Barrels

Tools and materials

You can print the crates and barrels yourself, or you can get them from my Etsy store: https://hoordooscenics.etsy.com/listing/1188238197/painted-crates-and-barrels-for?variation0=3780339005

If you’re looking for already painted crates and barrels, I’m offering those as well on the said Etsy store: https://hoordooscenics.etsy.com/listing/1188238197/painted-crates-and-barrels-for?variation0=3764141918

Tools and supplies used in this video (TIP: I recommend getting a Vallejo set instead of individual bottles, it’s a much better deal):

Crates and barrels (credits) if you want to print them yourself:


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